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Ongoing care for your feet

It is not unusual for some of our patients to require ongoing podiatry care every 6-8 weeks. If you are unable to reach your feet for any reason at all, we can help. You may have back issues, be pregnant or arthritis in your hands preventing you from reaching your feet to safely care for them. Or you may be able to reach your feet but your skin or nails are too diffucult to manage yourself. 

Our podiatrists are university-trained health professionals experienced in treating a wide range of skin & nail conditons on your feet. Painful feet can stop you from enjoying life to its fullest. Seeing a podiatrist is the best thing you can do for your feet. We use sterile instruments and maintain strict infection control protocols to ensure safe & professional treatment for all your skin & nail conditions.  

Here are some conditions that we treat on a regular basis: 

o   Aging Feet

o   Corns & Calluses

o   Ingrown Toenails

o   Fungal Nails

o   Warts