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Middle Park

Happifeet Podiatry is a Shoe Shop & Podiatry Clinic located in Middle Park. We have expanded to include a shoe shop, selling podiatry endorsed footwear for our patients and to the public as well.

As children’s feet are made mostly of soft cartilage, it is extremely important to have the correct footwear for them at a young age. In fact, many adult foot conditions could have been prevented if properly fitted, good shoes were worn in childhood.

Here at Happifeet Podiatry, we are a clinic and shoe store in Middle Park. Our work is not just limited to specific podiatry needs but also includes our aim to keep children happy, healthy and active in their school shoes.

We are passionate about protecting the foot health of all children in our community. Our overall goal as podiatrists is to increase awareness in our local school community on how correctly fitted school shoes can impact a child’s development and foot health from the point of view of a podiatrist. Middle Park is an ideal location for our shoe store as there is a lack of comfort footwear in the region. Middle Park in particular did not have any quality footwear stores before Happifeet Podiatry moved into the area in 2017. It was a natural for us to combine the quality services of a podiatrist with our expert fitting service for podiatry approved footwear for both children and adults.