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How to find your perfect fit? 

At Happifeet, we want you to adapt to your true self without the need to fit-in. We apply this same concept when trying on footwear. Why try to force your feet into a shoe that is not a true representation of you and your foot type? You will just be left feeling disappointed, uncomfortable and may cause further repurcussions down the track. Let us help your feet to adapt to their its true self and fit them into something they are happy with. Happy feet = happy human.

Our range of footwear is specifically selected by our podiatrists and has been tested by them personally to ensure it caters for a variety of foot types, activities and different populations. We have something for everyone! And that is not even the best part, we personally fit them for you by measuring your foot length, width and depth to ensure we get an optimal fit.

Unable to come in-store and get your shoes fitted by a professional? That's okay, we have you covered too! Happifeet's podiatrists have constructed an easy to follow 6-point fit guide to assist you when trialling shoes on your own.

To ensure an optimal fit, use Happifeet's 6-point fit guide below when trying on your shoes at home, in-store or at the shops.



Toe box

Heel Counter/ Collar



10-16mm between longest toe and end of shoe.

This should match the widest portion of your foot - usually the forefoot between 1st and 5th toe joints.

Area surrounding toes should be round, high and shaped like the foot to allow for toe movement during gait.

Should be firm and preferably high to keep the heel in position and prevent heel slippage.

Should allow for adequate shock absorption and have sufficient grip to prevent slipping.

Should have a fastening mechanism to provide a secure and more customisable fit to hold the foot in the shoe firmly. For example, velcro straps or laces.