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Footwear Fitting & Assessment

Humans have been wearing footwear for the past 30,000 years and yet a large number of us are still wearing incorrectly fitted footwear that can often lead to foot pain and foot conditions. This is more crucial in children as their feet are mostly made up of soft cartilage and hence prone to foot deformity.

Our goal is to prevent the development of foot deformities like bunions, clawed toes and skin and nail issues such as corns, callus, thickened nails and ingrown toenails.

As podiatrist, we assess people’s shoes on a daily basis and we are mainly looking at 3 things:

1. Does the footwear match the activity that you need them for?

2. Does the footwear fit your feet correctly in terms of length, depth and width?

3. Does the footwear provide adequate support for your foot structure?

Some people may require more support than others depending on their foot type - eg. "rolling in" or "rolling out".

A footwear assessment by our podiatrist includes an assessment of your current footwear to determine if they satisfy these 3 areas.

We aim to provide education to our patients as well so that they can choose better footwear options in the future.

If new shoes are needed, we can assist you in-store with our fitting service or we can recommend you to another shoe store for the correct style of footwear.